We're coming up on the date for OpenNTF's annual election for the Board of Directors. We need to elect new Directors by October 13. 2012. The nomination period for the elections is September 4th to 21st.

According to the OpenNTF Bylaws, there are two categories of Directors:

Members - who represent OpenNTF's 31 corporate Members. There are nine Member Directors, and the terms of four of them are about to expire although they may stand for re-election. The Member Directors whose terms are about to expire are:

- Sean Burgess
- Stuart McIntyre
- Per Henrik Lausten
- Justin Hill

OpenNTF Members need to elect four Member representatives for two year terms as Member Directors.

Contributors - who represent OpenNTF Contributors. There are three Contributor Directors elected on an annual basis. Again, the incumbents may stand for re-election.  They are:

- Niklas Heidloff
- Rene Winkelmeyer
- Elijah Lapson.  

Any OpenNTF Contributors (ie, someone covered by an ICLA or CCLA) is eligible to run. The Contributor population needs to nominate and elect three Contributor Directors.


The nomination period is Sept 4th - 21st. Please send your nominations to IP-Manager@openntf.org. Distribution of candidate statements from Sept 24th - 29th.Member statements will be circulated to all OpenNTF Members, and Contributor statements will be posted on the OpenNTF blog.

Voting from October 1st to 5th, 2012.

If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to let me know.

Peter Tanner

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