We've received 28 controls so far for the OpenNTF Development Contest. There is a page with all of them including screenshots and videos: http://xpages.info/contest.

Here is a quick overview of new projects on OpenNTF that have been created over the last days.

There are five Japanse demo applications on XPages.info. The profiles application and the CRM application have now been contributed as open source by Atsushi Sato.

Patrick Kwinten contributed a new application Viewr which he describes in his blog. Viewr is a simple XPages based application to distribute movies (similar to Youtube). As movie player JWPlayer is chosen.

Patrick also shared a new control Galleria Slider. Watch the mini video on XPages.info/contest to see the control in action.

Serdar Basegmez uploaded his xInvolve control allowing ratings of documents. Read his blog for more details.

Ulrich Krause created a new project MySQL control. He describes in his blog how you can use this control and utilities to connect to MySQL databases from XPages.

The clearable textbox control is a control from Ferry Kranenburg that allows clearing the content of a textbox by clicking an icon in the textbox.

Per Henrik Lausten contributed a control to include web analytics in XPages and another one for search optimization.

Frank van der Linden published a project with an agent to perform full text searches which returns the output as JSON.

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