In April we updated the import tool so that the complete databases are not always imported but only a subset of design elements, the ones needed for the actual control. This required contributors to create a so called importlist.xml file that defines a list of design elements. Thank you Mark Leusink, Paul Withers, Martin Meijer and Fredrik Norling for having done this.

We understand however that we cannot ask all control contributors to add this file to their new releases. That's why my colleague Yi Guo has extended the import tool. If an OpenNTF release (zip file) contains an importlist.xml file it is used. If not the import tool tries to read that file from the OpenNTF catalog (cleared releases). This enables OpenNTF committers to create these files rather than asking all OpenNTF contributors to produce them.

The other extension is that there is now a new checkbox 'import unit tests' so that users can define whether they only want to import the core control (e.g. custom control) or also unit tests/samples (e.g. XPages).

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At this point only two controls show up in the import tool. We removed temporarily the controls which didn't use the importlist.xml file yet and which didn't differentiate between core control design elements vs. unit tests design elements.

With the new functionality available now we hope that we can soon add more controls to the import tool. If you want to help producing these files please contact me. The export tool now allows defining the core design elements and the test design elements.

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In order to use the new version drag this extension.xml file and drop it onto your My Widgets sidebar panel.

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