Jesse Gallagher open sourced a mimeDominoDocument data source. Jesse's description:

mimeDominoDocument is an XPages component that acts like a normal xp:dominoDocument data source but does transparent serialization/deserialization of 'MIMEBean' data via getValue(...) and setValue(...). This means that stored Java objects can be accessed directly via EL. For example, if a field in a document contains a List of Map objects representing line items in an order, the third line item's name could be accessed like:
<xp:text value="#{doc.LineItems[2].name}"/>

The data source uses the class MIMEBean which is part of the WatrCoolr project from Tim Tripcony. Tim describes the underlaying concept in his blog. In certain scenarios this powerful pattern can be used to work around size limitations in NSFs. I've used this pattern myself recently and will blog about it soon separately.

Jesse's additional logic could qualify for the fourth OpenNTF development contest where developers can win five times $1000.

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